1. i have a question when you say 20 to 1 means the opponent has 20x what they
    raised to remaining in their stack? well i thought pot odds were based on
    how much you have to put in vs size of the pot you could win. so what is
    this you are calculating at 7:50

  2. Getting sucked out on when the river hits is nothing unusual. Some of it is
    your fault, and some of it is not. Value betting top pair is valid when you
    think your hand is best, it all depends on what cards your opponents are
    capable of calling with pre-flop. Be that Suited connectors or paint cards.
    Next time, take into account all the hands your opponent is likely to play,
    if you notice a flush or straight draw out there, make your opponents pay
    BIG money to see the next card.

  3. While I find everything your saying so valuable, there is one piece I cant
    seem to understand. So I’m blind at the early stages of a tourney with
    J-Ksuited, bet comes to me at minimum and I raise 1.5x with 2 other
    players. Now I hit a K on a rainbow board on the flop, I decide to follow
    the advise of getting value from 1, 2 max streets with a single pair? So i
    check turn and bet on the river, meanwhile 1 of the 2 players has worked
    his way to a cheap flush and i get stung on the river?

  4. Im sorry this might be good advice but your voice is like a robot like you
    didnt want to do this and are bored. Put some more excitment in your voice
    so its doesnt sound like like a robot and reading from a page

  5. With going all in with AK against 77 u put yourselfs in about 50 50
    situation , you being at the bottom end (about 46) So it´s up to you

  6. When a fish goes allin with a 7 7 and you have a AK u couldnt lay down that
    hand. And that’s why i lose money online…

  7. I always get caught out in multi table tournaments when somebody I know is
    a donk goes all in, everyone folds to me, I call and I’m right, they have a
    marginal hand, I don’t have premium but I’m in better shape, except nearly
    everytime they suck out. Drives me crazy how lucky fish get.

  8. in a tourney abc works as most players pay little to no attention to your
    playing style esp if they are multi tabling. you can still mix up your
    range but sticking to abc works in the long run. change gears when you need
    to…sit back when you need to…always have a reason for your play though.

  9. No one said anything about an auto win. ABC poker is the best strategy
    against almost all players who play in small or microstake tournaments. YOu
    are not gonna be facing many “good” players at these smaller stakes
    tournaments anyways. ´Most players at these stakes pay little or no
    attention to your playing style so how does Varying play style against
    players who cannot hand read benefit

  10. One Question Gripsed, would you recommend this guides for real tournament
    play? for example 2-3 table tournaments

  11. that’s just pokerstars, but i wouldn’t ask jarvis his opinion on algorythm
    software as he he will not bite the hand that feeds him, right evan?

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