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  2. it might suck for you guys but for people like me who play real money poker
    and stuff like not showing hands so we can try and read what the guys have
    for training..

  3. @fulltimespy lmao I thought it was a 5 minute video until I read your
    comment and noticed !!!!

  4. Ok, I understand why the final table has to be NLH. But they played tens of
    hours of mixed games. Can`t we see that? Are there no videos??

  5. @wspsaves watching poker on the sidelines without being able to look at
    hole cards makes this production boring as watching paint dry. at least
    with chad norman we get humor

  6. I actually liked how that one commentator sounded overly nice, calming, and
    even a bit dumb. The tension is already so high that they had someone like,
    say John Madden, do it, the audience would just feel jarred to hell.

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