1. Wrote the last comment at about 30seconds before the end…
    1. I play everyday for 8hours at ZOOM NL25 and $8/15 180man SNG’s.
    2. My ROI% is 5.4 over 50K hand sample
    3. You’re playing $1 SNG’s and play money – you are the reason I make so
    much money, you give it away because you do not understand the game. You
    may know the rules and how to play, but you don’t REALLY know how to play.
    You know nothing of strategy.
    4. I just sat at ZOOM NL25 4tabling, second hand KK in SB. CO 3bets UTG I
    4bet $5.50 he jams, I call. AA vs KK, I lose… I don’t cry I just get over
    it and move on because that is VARIANCE!

    try learning to play the game before you hate on the game.
    The people playing $1 sng’s and are playing 24 tables… They are grinders
    making a very small living from poker.

  2. Now i’m using free cash upon Poker stars at this time. I came across the
    particular marketing code psp15562 plus it bring you a 100% deposit reward
    when you put in once.

  3. PStars : any given session, cash or turn, PostFlop 70-90 % odds ; winning
    about 20-40 % †††
    one particullar session, 97 hands played :
    25 times 4 same suits PostF ; only 3 flushes ††† ( not to mention other
    missed outes )
    yeah, it’s poker, no sh.? Have made the simulation in excel
    4 same suit postflop, hunting 5th on T or R.
    5000 tries to hit 5th suit on either F or T. ( 10 attempts )
    Result : 5th suit hit cca 1250 x on T and 1250 x on R. = 50 %
    Well in general, flush from pocket suits are rear for me online, while in
    real feels like 50/50 and if you keep atention to be on the safe side of
    card/money odds, this is bringing quite a profit, long term.

    I play the (real) casino, HNL 0,5/1 € starting with 100 € once or twice a
    month. If loose 100 I go home, if win about 200 ( totals 300 ) I go home
    too. Much more often I ends up with 200 + !!! ( say 65 % ), guys playing
    are regulars no whales.

    ON PS of FT ……, other story. True I play smaller stakes but burned
    about 1K€ in a year. HM given stats shows some wicked rotten stats.

    You, Liam, I belive, are one of the random CHOSEN ones, with ”rigged”
    algorithm, to win more often than you shoud or at least you get a fair deal
    ( which also shoud do for skining whales available ), with purpose to teaze
    us donkeys with your ”winnings”, for us to try on and on and throw money
    in the pool. Consider the winnings or those REALLY CHOSEN ( or preset )
    ones. HaHaHa

  4. u r right bro…..this online sites r si ck …..i can’t build
    my bankroll now matter how good or best i play…so fukin sick

  5. this is funny now…but i don’t think this guy was trolling when he made
    this a few years ago

  6. Played blackjack at Unibet and 888 and the dealer gets 12/20 hands
    blackjack and got almost never bust…this is so unreal. Fulltilt and
    Pokerstars are a fucking joke…you win some money in the beginning and
    after that every single ”good”hand you will lose just what u just said. I
    started playing at PKR since a day and guess what…I’ll making profit on
    my first day…i’ll let you now how this will end up.

  7. fukin rigged online poker…..this poker sites are full of fukin
    scams….it’s even banned in USA because of their scam fukin sh it

  8. You are stupid if you dont get it, PS get % of every C you put in, if
    everyone get all chips on table PS will get much more, simply, chck
    magic612 movies. Look at boards… this boards are made to make action.

  9. poker stars = mafi!! fultilt poker= mafi!!! 100% mafii… sistema
    ogaritmo… 100% frauded.

  10. lol on line poker is rigd of coures do you know wear the sites are run
    from?? do the maths. cp cant be ramdom..

  11. Lol… You ppl are fkn idiots!!! Finally all you loser donks have found a
    place where you can all justify each others claims that these BILLION
    DOLLAR EMPIRE sites like poker stars and now full til (with the PS
    purchase) are rigged!!! Hahaha it’s amazing how only losers with no skill
    and bank roll management claim its rigged!! What does an online site have
    to gain by “rigging” the cards?? Tell me pleas!! These sites are making
    millions a week in some cases. It’s a license to print money.. And

  12. true half year ago if i had AKo in 6max i flipped almost always vs 88,99 qq
    etc but after losing my bankroll and depositng 2 more times the times i
    woul flip or i have to crush them 80 percent of the time with KK i always
    im up against vs AA and if i have AK it is always AA

  13. Ive been through so many problem solving courses and six sigma classes and
    lean manufacturing and many many others. Ive learned so much on how to
    solve and evaluate and analyze data and numbers and figures..for my job..In
    no way is a problem with a machine running bad product due to something
    internal or something wrong with the actual material being used to make the
    product..its not different with a website that has irregular percentages on
    how the cards fall-solving the problem is no different

  14. It’s Definitely rigted. I used to play and win on Poker Stars and I play
    live and win consistently $500 a week. for months at a time. I go on carbon
    poker and see bad beat after bad beat and just lose $200 quick in about a
    week and i’m playing proper poker. I should def not be losing that much
    that quickly. Heed the warning it’s RIGGED!!

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