1. fun for the high IQ pros… but recreational players would get killed …
    so it will never explode like hold em … By the way…why is Barry doing
    all the talking when it’s obvious Shaun is the one who knows the game…

  2. He needed to catch that 6 just to be drawing live, that is why he said it.
    Without catching that pair of sixes, he would have been drawing dead.
    Catching that 2nd 6 gave him a shot at not fouling and entering fantasy

  3. This was regular chinese poker, different from this game, open face chinese
    poker. In chinese poker you get all 13 of your cards at once, and you can
    set them ideally. In this game, you set 5 cards first, then one at a time.

  4. Chinese Poker was played at the 1995 World Series of Poker and the 1996
    World Series of Poker. In 1995, the $1,500 event was won by John Tsagaris,
    and the $5,000 event by Steve Zolotow. In 1996 the $1,500 event was won by
    Gregory Grivas, and the $5,000 event by Jim Feldhouse.

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