1. The check before the river from Wolfe was absolutely terrible! Basic ABC’s
    of poker what was he frightened of? He needed to get information and he got
    none but an ace on the river…serves him right for bad play!

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  3. I e-mailed Ivey, that with this amount of luck he should play lottery not
    poker, he wrote me back that he won already 53 times big lotter pot. Thank
    you random inet guy.

  4. so everyone still believes in it all being skill. say you have 1000
    players, all of them are equally skilled in poker, always making the right
    decision. the statistics require that there is about 5 – 10 percent which
    are consistently successful. don’t believe me? google mathematics and go
    from there.

  5. Love love love timoshenko ! He has made the sickest lay downs and his not
    just “gettin lucky” he’s playing to the weakness of his opponents. He
    thought he was pushing de wolfe out from a chop, I doubt he wouldve attemp
    to bluff reading him on a set

  6. “I have to remember who I am, and I need to show a lot more class at the
    table?!” Is he deranged?! He needs to FORGET who he is if he’s going to
    show any class at any table!

  7. and he got most of the play wrong! “he’s never betting there” and the
    player bets!

  8. Luke is such a bad commentator, he has such an annoying voice, it is
    horrible to listen to. Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to put
    him in front of a microphone ???

  9. Not to mention how casual and chatty he continues to be afterwards… I’d
    be mumbling to myself like a lunatic wondering if I made a mistake if I did

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  12. Jesse may and Luke Swartz: Worst Commentators EVER! Open your lips Luke,
    you lazy dillhole!

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