1. at 38.25 the little spat in the commentary box was horrible.maybe those two
    need a reminder that if they were no good at poker they would be on the
    dole or selling eighths on the corner of a housing estate.waaaaankers

  2. negreanau have so many tell’s its scary. hope for him someone gonna tell
    him. look how excited he is with quad 10. he’s look like a newbie having
    quads for the first time at 20 box cash game table. so sick

  3. Like online poker, q/10 suited vs 10/9 off, full boat lmao. But happens
    online like clock work.

  4. You guys always say every commentator is horrible. Last episode the
    commentator was about 95% correct. It would be interesting to see some
    youtube players commentate a major game and be under the microscope.

  5. How about this, all you D. Neggie fans out there? Your great hero not only
    could not win on High Stake Poker, he could not even keep a huge chip lead
    on this league. The only regret is Mikey was not even there to laugh at
    Neggie’s sorry ass.

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