1. after phil has his interview with kara he swopped the bike for a lawnmower
    to give to her.check it out at 34.20

  2. I dont like intro that much but I like how is shows all of their
    personalities in a nutshell ha.

  3. Hellmuth is a fking good player when he’s in his right mind, he just lets
    his ego crush his clear reasoning at some point down the line.

  4. 19:00 I love Laak’s question: “A bagel is zero right?” Hahahahah. He’s a
    genius in disguise.

  5. ofc. , hahahhaha, Phill Laak is the worst pro Player on earth. Idont even
    know how he is a pro. Remember him limping owith AA and chekraising a bet
    from 1k to 120k all in. He is a poor nitt! And Durr and anny other pro will
    own his life!

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