Party Poker’s Million Online Smashed $20M Guarantee: 29 Players Remain

Last year, it was announced that the party poker would get back the Million Online which had created its fame in the world of poker in the second year running. There was a lot of hype for the event for the entire year and there has been news that the bumper prize for the event which is being guaranteed is easily around $20 million.

The price that is guaranteed here is easily one of the largest in the history of poker and perhaps the largest even. After providing this guarantee, there have been a lot of new entrants to the game of poker around 4000 of them, and these generated a prize pool of close to $22,000,000. These were the events that happened during the first day.

On the other hand, the second day began with 687 players and out of these, 500 players have issued a payout that will be guaranteed with around $10,000. Irrespective of any deals, the players will easily get a deal which will be in the seven digit figure range and they can take it home as the first prize. These shortlisted 29 players head to Day 3 of Millions Online poker party game wherein the players were guaranteed at least a payout of $65,000 each who are all included in the race thus chasing for the drool-worthy prize of $2.75 million. According to the leading boards for the current day which were similar to Day 2, as the leading position was held up by Mexico’s wheat for sheep with 566 million chips while Canada is the most represented country.

Notable players near the top of the field to enter the final day included 10 shortlisted poker players. The tournament is set to take an interesting turn.