1. This actually IS helpful because in a poker game, it is dangerous for
    someone to see a card. Some people are just ignorant and don’t know the
    dangers of someone seeing a card.

  2. Nah . I Think Bicycle And “Bee” Is best playing card ever. Even casino used
    “Bee” playing card

  3. The brand is Copag. Its pretty much the best card in terms of
    quality/price. The best deck is probably KEM but they cost twice as much as
    the Copag’s.

  4. Dont Listen What He Sayed About Piatnik i use the wheel pack and after 1
    Hour They Cant Even Fan!

  5. Good guy Greg finds this to be genuinely helpful to beginners and gives it
    a thumbs up.

  6. what are the best playing cards to use? in terms of make and type? like the
    ones used in this video, what make are they, what type and where an i buy
    them? thanks

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