1. as usual, your videos and efforts are first class. I just wanted to drop.
    line and tellyouto watch this vid with the captions on…. I dont want to
    take awy from the seriousness of the lesson but on a lighter note, u have
    to watch this vid with the captions on. I enabled them for the first time
    and LMAO….keep up the good work and see u at the final table buddy!

  2. They are both profitable styles. Try and see which style suits your
    personality more. I find that a players style tends to reflect there
    personality, so experiment with both and see which you are most comfortable
    with 🙂

  3. Tight aggressive is a good way to make money. However, If you don’t adjust
    your play style depending on who your playing against you’re just gonna end
    up doing lots of mistakes and lose your money to players who can adapt. In
    other words, don’t choose 1 static play style, else people are going to
    recognize you and adapt very easily.

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