1. Ridiculous video, it made us need to perform i really visited poker star
    along with When i signed up while using the marketingcode psp15562 plus
    they matched up my personal 1st deposit.

  2. Ivey and the other guy are betting the flop (first three cards) red or
    black, if all three cards are red, then Ivey wins 50K$. As simple as that.

  3. Can’t stand the way Antonius chews his food while he plays. How long does
    it take you to chew and swallow one fucking bite? I want to smack him off
    the table. Not to mention, he is generally the worst player. No doubt, most
    of their money is sponsored, but I’m sure it’s still competitive. Not REAL
    cut-throat poker though. Try being on the edge of your bankroll for 4
    years…, continuously losing, and climbing out of that hole at your local
    casino. That’s a story I’m living, No online

  4. He’s really not, but he is often very reckless and has a tendency to go on
    tilt and is a big gambler.

  5. It drives me nuts to listen to the players shuffling chips when I watch
    online or TV. When I play in a live game I don’t even notice. Anyone else

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