1. Yep more money than sense but they “worked” for it so what can you say. Its
    their own money. Its just the amount – you could buy a house with some of
    their side bets.

  2. Wow, is playing poker with this sort of money not pressurizing enough that
    they still need to side bet !!! That’s what I call someone with plenty of
    money and have no where to spend it. They should give some to charity

  3. he has a side bet going on props. Basically they’ve betted on the type of
    flops. I believe its like this. Ivey and Zigmund have a 50k bet if the flop
    has more red or black. Ivey, Patrick and Elezra had like 25k on the suits
    of the flop where more diamonds, hearts or clubs.

  4. Is Ivey keeping records on how his opponents play or writing down how much
    they owe him ? I don’t have a clue !

  5. Lederer plays like wheres my cards dealer. How about playing abit like Dwan
    any two cards give it a go. Everbody knows he’s just looking for two aces
    to play. Raise fold he must have kids in college.

  6. Just wait untill he gets some hands, he’ll turn from fish to shark, he’ll
    eat you in a minute

  7. 31:00 He’s now beating it for $260,000. Wish someone would pay me that much
    for beating it

  8. not true. antonius cleaned up at the Aussie the last three years in the
    high stakes cash game. he took it for over 400K two years ago. But yes,
    sahamies is always stuck

  9. Antonius and Sahamies loose money every time , aussie million , million
    dollar cash game , poker after dark , high stakes :)) they never win

  10. No, it wasn’t really funny, but I didn’t think it was particularly lame,
    either. I just thought it was a little strange that in that whole video the
    only thing xxyanlixx felt was worth commenting about was the lameness of
    Lederer’s pair draw comment, when it wasn’t even really that lame… I
    guess he could have just said he had nothing instead, but whatever, who
    cares how he says it. He’s lame because he may have tried to make an
    unfunny joke? Like we all haven’t done that?

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