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  2. You gotta just laugh at the couple shithead commentors talking shit about
    these guys throwing around money. It’s their fucking money, they can do
    whatever the fuck they want to with it. It is completely irrelevant what
    that money could do to help other people. COMPLETELY!!! If you don’t
    understand why, then you should shut the fuck up, go to school, quit
    believing in mythological superstitions bullshit, quit watching poker
    videos, and fuck off.

  3. “evolution myth” thanks for identifying yourself as a delusional,
    uneducated, most likely morally arrogant religtard. Anything you say or
    have said can simply be ignored. Use your highly evolved brain to actually
    learn something. Thanks.

  4. This is the best, great players gambling with stupid amounts of money. love
    how the announcers just kind of fuck off and let you hear all the table

  5. I hope you are kidding with your bleeding heart, feed the children of
    Africa Sally Struthers bullshit. They live in a desert and they continue to
    stay there and continue to have more children. They need to move and stop
    making horrible decisions.

  6. Antonius wins half a million and barely cracks a smile. I would love to be
    that wealthy haha.

  7. And “so sad what the world has come to…” The world hasn’t changed in
    regards to greed, there’s probably more philanthropists today than
    centuries before.

  8. At the end of the day, why is it our problem? I know it sounds harsh but
    there is a bit of Darwinism ta work- survival of the fittest in both the
    people and the geography. Where are the (corrupt) African governments in
    all of this? How many billions of dollars have been spent trying to help?
    What are these poker millionaires realistically supposed to do- FedEx some
    Costco bags of rice?

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