1. what Daniel do is “mind trick”. he say that just to see how the opponents
    reaction is … if you know what i mean.,,

  2. Daniel always does that shit “feels like im gonna be paying him off” then
    “call” its like having a sixth sense but not knowing how to use it lol, i
    guess this game is friendly tho so he can make calls like that

  3. that’s why you’re not a pro, he was getting 1 to 1 odds so if gus believes
    that his opponent would bluff more then roughly 50% of the time it
    justifies a call

  4. That hand cost Gus Hansen $9200 – I know it doesn’t mean much to him but I
    would have folded still. Antony’s had two hearts, he won, I would have
    assumed that, or a J 10 for the straight, or a weak ace for the top pair.
    There were too many possible hands that would have beaten cowboys, much as
    he wanted to take them to the river.

  5. 19:00 Dwan must have misread his hand…he said he wasnt sure whether he
    had king or queen of clubs… well, king of clubs is a raise (not a call)
    from ivey, so Dwan would have to think he had king of clubs there… so
    “you got it” is a nonsense response. I think Dwan actually thought he had Q
    K of spades or something and it was a complete bluff… lucky haha

  6. they are 5$ Chips for tipping but they are not “ante chips” the ante in
    this game is 100$/hand and not payed using 5$ chips.

  7. doyle isn’t exiting, he can’t compete at the same level as tese guys
    anymore in my opinion, plus the fact that he fails to win the amount these
    players do in this day of poker

  8. anyone notice that Ivey seems more than slightly steamed at Patrik for not
    going in on the second round of flips after winning 400,000 on the first
    round? curious to see how this session plays out

  9. this is one of the few cash games where the players are actually playing
    each other & not their cards, and that is exactly why they are some of the
    best in the world

  10. the players always keep the smallest chips (ante chips) they’re worth very
    little anyways and often used to tip the dealer

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