1. Interesting to see how often Durr and Ivey ends up in the pot against each

    I watched the whole series and these two are by FAR the most active.

    And Yes: Hellmouth is too old-school to play cash-games at this level. His
    VPIP and aggression factor are very low. He’s one hellova tournament player
    though… (but also one hellova deranged personality…)

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  3. Yea that’s a possibility, but if you couldn’t see the hole cards Antonius
    could be seen as having a full house. Trapping durr from the start with his
    check-call is part of his range as well.

  4. I was about to say…Helmuth comes there every week and never plays a
    single hand unless he has an overwhelming advantage. I just don’t

  5. oh man 30:35! u need some BALLS to raise like that and the call dwan made
    was very good! awesome poker

  6. Hm,he reach 5000 on the flop,he reads that Antonius has a flash dro and
    straight dro,nothing difficult

  7. I can’t look to P>H> he’s faking idiot… cash games playing like

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