1. Interesting to see how far behind the other players at the table Hellmouth

    That he talks about a bad beat or a lost hand for so long indicates that he
    didn’t see as many hands as the others… ANY online player would know that
    the most crazy and far out stuff happens in poker.
    He’s just not used to that and he never will be. He belongs to a dying race
    of players who started offline and got on to the net. From now on it will
    be the opposite way around… and hopefully it will bring some more matured
    pokerplayers to the felt.
    He’s a nine year old kid whining… and playing only top 5% hands. Good
    strategy, yes… but he doesn’t know what to do/can’t adjust against
    aggressive players. 

  2. Phill Hellmueth blame dealer at 14:38 very bad, he should blame himself
    becuz he has no chance against Ivey-durr- daniel and patrik.

  3. all of his accomplishment are at tourneyes… at cash game he really sucks
    though. just my opinion.

  4. No chance? The guy holds records bud, he obviously has a chance. I am not a
    fan of how Hellmuth acts, but just because you don’t like him you shouldn’t
    discredit his game. He makes it work, his accomplishments speak for

  5. if i was the dealer when hellmuth was asking when they where changing. i
    would have said when u start winning asshole

  6. Phill Hellmueth plays so bad at these cash games. He doesnt seem to get the
    new way poker is being played!!

  7. “It’s her fault you play bad Phil ?!” One of David Peete’s best quotes ever

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