1. Often when a pro makes a call like that, it’s because he/her got a read on
    the other player. Often when a rookie/novice makes a call like that, he/she
    thinks : I got an ace, I call!

  2. Dwan is not getting raised in this one because he is obv playing tighter
    than normal, but in the typical games he plays he does not get reraised a
    bunch lite because he will 4 bet lite and its tough to play him after the
    flop. It’s sick to watch.

  3. dude i just saw your comment after finishing this vid but i was literally
    confused by this part, glad you pointed it out. damn, is everyone at the
    table bipolar?

  4. 35 minutes of “tanking” to look smart, Im sure they just count to 100 in
    there head or something ….

  5. 41:16 omg i totally scraped some nail polish while shuffling chips didn’t
    i? omg. oh okay nvm they’re good. <3

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