1. That wasn’t a bad beat.

    Bad beat is when you’ve got a monster hand, like a boat with aces full of
    kings, and you get beaten by four-of-a-kind.

    That said, his face was priceless pwnage.

  2. Did he really lose $1,000,000? I wish I could hear his smack talking
    better. I’ll bet he didn’t sleep very well that night.

  3. Fucking idiot is like “You did a good job… you did a good job.” Wtf? You
    act like he made a mistake when you made a stupid call. Donk

  4. Yeah, but the better pre-flop hand won in the end, justice has been served.
    Can’t really call it a bad beat.

  5. NOTHING I love more than putting a shit talker on the rail. When u r ahead
    in a hand, just SHUT DA FK UP, plain & simple. All of this “all u need is a
    queen” and “put a 5 of clubs up there”.. Glad he got his dick broke! Why
    call for a 5 of clubs when all u really want is no queen? Shut up & let the
    cards fall as they may. In 1sec, he went from thinking about the 987k he’s
    bout to get, to a rail bird. I would have shouted, “GIT DEEZ MUTHAFUCKIN 5
    OF CLUBS NUTS! QUEEN from SPACE!”.. Tony G. style!

  6. Yeah, maybe you should do a bit of research on how big of a D-bag Carter
    Gill is before you choose to defend him lol

  7. Carter puts Paredes on AJ..that’s why he says “all you need is a queen.” so
    Paredes thinks he is better than AJ he calls. Paredes doesn’t put Carter on
    AK because of preflop play, which is not shown here. Carter never thought
    he had AQ…but surly wanted him to call with any ace….as WE ALL WOULD
    HAVE….and we have all felt this pain..probably not at the Main Event
    though….Carter acted professionally; props to him.

  8. Guy calls what the other guy has, gets him to call of chips, gets unlucky,
    handles it with class. . . . and all you trolls hate on him, when he did
    nothing wrong. Classy.

  9. That shit is extremely funny when it happens to somebody else!! If you play
    poker, it’s gonna happen sooner and later. I do know exactly how he felt
    when that queen came down, as do most of you who play the game…AHHH NO

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