1. I would have decked him in the face after he mocked him off the set. Phil
    Hellmuth (although I am not a huge fan of) could easily afford the law suit
    Tony G might put on him for assault. Well worth it, and would give good
    poker publicity. 

  2. I mean the guy was being a smartass…….but hey it’s a part of poker,
    because what are you doing when you’re bluffing, you’re lying your ass off
    tryin to make everyone think you have something more than you do, so in my
    opinion lying is a part of poker.

  3. absolutely do not feel bad for him just saying, i’ve seen him do similar
    things to lure people into going all in when he has huge hands. however im
    pretty surprised he didnt punch that guy in the face lol

  4. if phil could just learn to laugh at himself and not take things so
    seriously, everybody wouldn’t be out to get him all the time. but he squats
    down in the fetal position every time somebody jabs him really hard and
    never recovers.

  5. I’m guessing Joe was just very uncomfortable, knowing that Tony had lied,
    and not knowing what he should do about it. But it’s not really his
    responsibility to try to have a good poker face. You’re right, the way Joe
    acted after looking was odd, and I think Phil should’ve been able to read
    something off that.

  6. Hellmuth seriously just cries about everything. The entire premise of poker
    is lying about what you have. He’s just a big baby, who should have known

  7. joe needs to shut up whether or not tony is lying.. but the way joe acted
    after looking was very odd to me.

  8. I agree it’s horrible ettiquette, but Phil… COME ON, it’s TONY! That’s
    like a politician telling you he never lies… You’re an idiot believing
    his words.

  9. When Phil Hellmuth tells someone his behaviour is bad, it should make
    everyone wonder, if this person is the devil or worse.

  10. Gotta give Phil credit. If that was me and he was walking behind me saying
    that I would have knocked the taste out of his mouth after angling me like

  11. Taking a poll: At 1:10, should Joe have said anything? Tony was obviously
    using him to validate his claim that he hadn’t looked, and everybody seemed
    to agree that Tony was wrong to lie. So could/should Joe have at least said
    “it’s a strong hand”? Sub-question, if you were Phil, would you have read
    into the fact that Joe didn’t say anything? If Tony’s hand was crap, Joe
    would’ve been likely to say “he definitely didn’t look.”

  12. Tony G is just awesome. Uses his bullshit artist skills in poker. Thats
    what makes a good poker player.

  13. No one is arguing that Phil does not have his faults and may not be
    breaking etiquette when he does his rants. That is a separate argument from
    what Tony G did, however. Phil’s bad manners are not the equivalent to
    someone (playing at these high stakes) who is a professional blatantly
    lying. That would be like saying even though I was drunk driving and killed
    a guy, you have no right to bad mouth me because you have had a number of
    jay walking tickets.

  14. That’s why it’s funny! 🙂 In other videos, when Tony’s a jerk to anyone
    else, it makes me cringe. But this is hilarious, because Phil’s getting a
    taste of his own medicine. And he’s trying to take the high road and not
    blow up so he looks like the victim, but anyone who has seen him play knows

  15. no one else thinks Phil is a hypocrite talking about etiquette? when he has
    all these blow ups, swearing and bad mouthing others plays, them getting
    lucky etc… (the blow ups are hilarious and awesome though)

  16. 3:46 I love how Tony has trouble pronouncing “etiquette,” like it’s a word
    he hasn’t heard before 🙂

  17. hahahaaaa….tony is the only one who can piss phil off without any
    backfire… it’s poker baby…hahaaa…

  18. Wow ok so like most youtuber’s, we all have seen phill call players idiots
    for beating him. I even have a dream about going to the wsop and beating
    phill with 2, 7 just to see the look on his face losing, but now that ive
    seen him trolled to death by this guy, i almost feel bad for him and i
    don’t know why?!

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