1. Aperture Science Labs. She probably created a kind of Portal device to come
    to the Inventory from her lab anytime she wants.

  2. ZOMG!!! Ash might have a point! *jumps off building and trys to fly but
    ends up face planting on a huge comfy pillow* man, that was convenent! XD

  3. They do stare at each other, but there are times where they don’t. That’s
    because it’s my turn during the game & they’re staring at me & waiting.
    But, it was easy enough to record like that. Since I tried & couldn’t
    figure out how to do it like the user who made the videos of the first
    Poker Night quotes.

  4. I’d actually like to see some of the character’s come back in the next one.
    Heavy, Brock, Ash-now that would be a MANLY line-up! Now, for the fourth
    character, I dunno, but it’d have to be someone new of course. As for the
    dealer, I like Glados, but I wouldn’t mind if they got someone new to deal.
    Maybe Mama Bosco?

  5. No problem. Not all are uploaded but will be soon. I also enjoyed the
    company of Sam & Max. As for the your question about drinks, the answer is
    by the user who replied you.

  6. No… Just no. I won’t allow bit.ly link kind of comment unless it comes
    with a free virus. Deleted.

  7. i think the valve characters that should be in poker night 3 should be
    wheatley or saxton hale the or G-man or Dr Rosenberg.

  8. Also the Wolf from the Hoodwinked movies Is it just me that I see Patrick
    Warburton as a spy Wolf?

  9. When you deploy all three of the Army of Darkness table unlocks. Once you
    done that, the Army of Darkness Hud Themed room opens, along with the
    themed conversations related to the theme. The conversations are different
    depending on which themes you’ve unlocked.

  10. Not to mention that one character on “Rules of Engagement”, Lok from “Tak
    and the Power of Juju”, Kronk from “Emperor’s New Groove”, the pilot from
    Soarin over California at Disney’s California Adventure, … DAMN he plays
    a shit-ton of roles!

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