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  2. It was supposed to be a remake of the original possession movie though, it
    has a reason to be generic in a small sense.

  3. It felt a bit too generic for my taste.There was nothing about it that made
    it stand out from the thousands of other possession movies.

  4. It was still pretty good though. They are actually going to make Army Of
    Darkness 2 by the way.

  5. I don’t care WHO ELSE will be in the next one, but I just want to see
    Serious Sam in Poker Night.

  6. He’s the star of one of the best horror comedy series ever.The original
    evil dead trilogy.

  7. It should be.The movie are,evil dead,evil dead 2,and army of darkness.But
    ash doesn’t get his trademark humor/badassness until the evil dead 2 which
    is a remake and a sequel in one.So you can skip the first if you want,its
    far more serious than 2 and army of darkness.

  8. Engineer should be in there, Not Scout, Scout’s too young to play Poker
    like a man.

  9. I wish the creators of the venture bros wrote dialogue for Brock. He
    doesn’t nearly capture the way he is in the show.

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