1. The only reason they haven’t caught me is because of my special illuminum
    underwear – GLaDOS’s personality core 2013

  2. As much as I loved this game.. the voice actor they got for Ash Williams
    was TERRIBLE… Do it right next time Telltale and GET BRUCE CAMPBELL x.x

  3. I think he might be from both. Course, that would only work if Army Of
    Darkness happened BEFORE Evil Dead.

  4. how many times do i have to win for a bounty challenge? I played holdem
    with Portal setting and it seemed like the game got a lot harder and i lost
    quite a lot of times until i finally won with the portal unlocks but there
    was no bounty challenge in the next game.

  5. i almost got lucky today, i only needed to take out that yellow hair guy
    but he had way more money then me when it was just the both of us. all well
    better luck next time!

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