1. Crazy how there all diamond royal flushes, there missing one as well from
    the WSOP Main Event from a few years back against quad aces, which was
    ironically diamonds as well lol

  2. I had a royal flush recently. I also didn’t get payed out for it. Fucking
    waste of a royal.

  3. He said “I had trips”… which means he had a 3 of a kind hand, in that
    case 3 Queens. Poker players call “trips” instead of “3 of a kind”.

    Btw, all the 3 Royal Flushes were Dimonds. Makes you think.

  4. wow, I should just always shove on kj ofdiamonds. I mean seriously, two
    instances here, as well as the royal flush vs quad aces instance all had
    something in common. The person who had to royal had king jack of diamonds
    in their hole

  5. WSOP 2008 royal flush v quad aces…if your going to do a clip featuring
    royals you might as well put in the best one!! worst beat in history……

  6. where’s the guy with the fake Juanda account telling everyone he “had

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  8. Like anyone else would not show a Royal Flush if they had one and the other
    guy folded. Phil might be a jerk most of the time but you can’t fault him
    for showing off the best hand in poker.

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