1. Ah, the burnout issue (also tilting). Yep, Blake’s correct on this.
    Unfortunately, Rounders aren’t that lucky since many of them are devoted
    poker players.

  2. I use to love poker and been playing good for past 2 years. have a
    downswing for 1 year. now im starting to hate the game wich i use to
    love..its just fucking my mind!

  3. good video 🙂 after today’s Sunday sesh in which i thought i played pretty
    close to my best, bar the 1st hour or so where i felt slightly tilted, i
    had yet another fruitless and losing day. this month has been terrible, i
    play mtt’s and have had like zero big scores, some okay ones but nothing
    great. today my last tournament out with 60 odd left A K< A Q out of 2000 odd. then all day AA < A5s. AA< 8 7o. JJ< A7s. A 10o< A8s. A 8o< K 8o. JJ< 7's. these are all times ko'd from tournies 🙁

  4. u play online with real money? if not then you dont know if ur good. play
    money is play money, real money is real money. When i started playing poker
    i thought it takes few years playing as much as I can and studying as much
    as I can, thats not. I started like 16y playing online underage, built up
    to something like 2k$ by 17, now im 18 still stuck with 7k$ . It looks way
    easier than its. as some people say ” poker – hardes way to make easy
    living”.Hard to master, easy to make when u mastered

  5. Hey great video I had a bad two weeks but now winning agine only play 10 20
    cents but muti tableing is there any poker software that could help me many
    thxs adam 🙂

  6. good advice for live play but online play involves coping with a so called
    RNG that is not pumping out boards that are random. if you don’t adjust
    your play, you will lose. TAG play does not work online.

  7. Thanks bro great vid. Any chance you have some hands from an old DB that
    you can go over? Would be interesting

  8. This video came at the perfect time for me, I had already decided to have
    July off poker and then come back stronger in August. 🙂

  9. How long can a downswing last before you reach the conclusion that you
    aren’t that good? Could Phil Ivey have a down month assuming he was playing
    at least a few hours a day?

  10. I’d like to hear a much more specific advice, I play zoom a thousand hands
    per hour, and would like to see any good videos for help, the videos on
    this channel are very general but they are fun to watch, but I would like
    to hear more detailed or kinda more usable advice I guess. For example, it
    helps me to this of random distributions when thinking about potential
    downswings. (e.g. If I play 1 million hands I will have 100 thousand hand
    downswing once on average if I’m a winning player)

  11. Ty for the videos i was wondering if your teachings can be applied to micro
    stakes players i play only once a week but study the other 6 i want to stop
    playing bad online please help me whiteybanks18@gmail.com thx again

  12. and also 50,000 hands really don’t tell me anything at all about my
    expectation, and also 10,000 hand downswings happen really a lot and often
    amount to 5 to 10 buy ins. I think they happen maybe 2 or 3 times within
    100,000 hands. I think downswings more than 100K hand long happens maybe
    once every 10 million hands or something to consistently winning players
    who play very solid. Thinking about those numbers give me an expectation
    and confidence in the “luck” “randomness” of poker

  13. Always a pleasure to watch these videos – find them very thought provoking
    and full of constructive advice. Has helped me become a much better player.
    Thank you again Blake!

  14. so true! great advice! make sure you are humble and respect everyone…. do
    not get over confident! you can learn something from everyone! keep at er!

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