1. Maybe I can be a alternate and go to where your giving out the tickets and
    just hope someone doesn’t show up lol… I will be 15 minutes away from
    Newark…If you don’t select me for the tickets please let me come and hang
    out before the fight to see if someone don’t show up…

  2. I play,way more aggressive, raising almost 75% of every cutoff and button
    and attacking limpers pre

  3. JCaller: I would definitely call here
    chorus: no crap! really?

    on a serious note, I am glad you acknowledged that it’s ok to fold complete
    crap on the button if you are not an experience LAG pro.

  4. Yeah, thats a call. For sure good sir!
    Hey, I love this!
    I know that its not something you want to do often, but its really
    interesting to hear your analysis and commentary on 30 mins of someone else
    playing. I hope we can get one or two of these a month. Definitely cool
    stuff. :>

  5. I would love to rap for u but I been way to busy with school right now…I
    live in Philly but I will be in Hoboken,NJ the end of January and 1st week
    of February…So I will be a 15 minute ride away from Newark and I would
    really like to watch a UFC fight with you and the RIU faithful…I wrote
    you 4 Jcarvers but none of them were ever read 🙁 so I thought this was my
    best chance of getting a ticket…So please think about it…

  6. Great video. please do more of these apprentice videos they are very
    educational and fun. (and you cant lose any money. lol)

  7. checking the flop with the 2 3 is like playing it face up looks like small
    pair and afraid of the ace !! and if your preflop raiser ace rolls of ye
    have to bet it :/

  8. Thoughts on this hand. 4 hours into a session with another 30 minutes
    before game stops. 4 players remaining, and stacks have become very deep.
    Player 1; Tight, passive, fairly fishy (not c-betting boards that would be
    good for a pre-flop raiser i.e As 4c 9h etc.) Up to £95 from one buy-in.
    Player 2; Very loose aggressive, can’t help but attempt squeeze plays and
    will bet very often if checked round to. Stuck £130
    Player 3; Nit b*tch. Not relevant to hand.
    Player 4 (Hero); Fairly tight aggressive, fairly good arsenal of moves,
    legion warrior. Up £75

    (£10 original buy-in and then alot more when stacks get deep)
    Blinds £0.10/£0.20

    PLayer 1 raises to £1.00 UTG, and all other players call. (Notice that this
    is his largest pre-flop raise, but consider that he’s adjusting as we get
    deeper stacked.)
    Hero AhJh. Flop 6h Ts Js P1 bets pot (£8) and P2 (Button) raises to £11
    (£19). P3 folds. Hero considers for a few minutes and mucks.
    P1 tanks for 5 minutes and shoves (£54), with P2 having an effective stack
    of £35 behind. P2 quickly calls off (£89). Turn 5c. River 6s.
    P1 turns over QhQc and P2 mucks.(P2 mumbles something about not believing
    him for an overpair)

    During the hand my thought process was as follows. P1 is repping a strong
    range, betting pot into 4 opponents on a very draw heavy board. I gave him
    the range of
    TT, JJ, QQ, KK, AA plus AK, AQ, Aj and AT. I believe that my only moves
    were fold or shove, and with a pot bet and re-raise i didn’t feel confident
    getting it in on
    this flop, in this spot and it being profitable. AA, KK, JJ, TT, and 66 and
    all Ax of spades are never being folded, aswell as combo draws of OESD and
    with spades are never being folded by P2. I do however think that my
    re-raise and not folding/shove does look extremely strong into two
    opponents, on a board this wet,
    and i may get some face value for a flopped set or two pair hand. With some
    consideration, i folded after narrowing P1’s range to all pairs above TT,
    as i believed
    from previous sessions that he would likely check-raise with AsXs. His
    C-Bet was also a sign of true strength, as he rarely made this play without
    having it.
    I was confident that P2 had a hand with a J, possibly 2 pair. I thought a
    set unlikely as he would for sure re-raise pre-flop with TT, JJ and even

    The only hand that i considered P1 folding was QQ, as he always had a
    problem of putting too much value on absolute hand strength, rather than
    it’s relative strength
    repped range if i shove, and wasn’t about to fold KK or AA.

    P2 I believed i was crushing, and with the board run out, i obviously was.

    Looking for warrior thoughts and possible incite from the Cager himself.
    Sorry it’s not a PokerLab night, but this happened in a live game today and
    wanted some


  9. Great video..i think everyone on here can use some tips about how to play
    more optimal in certain spots. I rather see jcarvers previous hand history

  10. This was a cool video liked it a lot. It was nice reviewing hands and you
    giving your feed back learned a lot and think its a nice way to learn..Hope
    to see more. And I woulda lost $2 more on the QJcc hand

  11. Always a good feeling coming home from a (not so) hard workday and seeing a
    nice juicy Jcarver video ready for me!

  12. Hey Jason, I play on the NJ client. Is there a poker replayer for ultimate
    poker? Would you be willing to review HHs or are you limiting it to videos?

  13. Well done J Carver. Learned a lot from your comments. The hand gestures
    are hilarious and very Italian! Keep up the good work! 

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