1. Phil Ivey is such a baller that Dwan offers him 2K just to show his hand
    (which was better than a pair of jacks) and he refuses. 

  2. how did he get crushed. I mean he lost a few hands here, but who doesn’t. I
    think he played fairly well and lost minimum.

  3. when he said, “well played, mr. hellmuth”, I think he was actually being
    sincere; due to phil’s abilty to not lose more money than he had to in that
    hand. I don’t think he was being facetious.

  4. The lady in the interview was wrong. She said, SECOND NUTS RUNNING INTO THE
    NUTS. It was actually the third nuts running into the second nuts. Straight
    flush was possible.

  5. He was being sincere best as Gabe said, Phil lost the absolute minimum that
    hand. 99% of other players would have put one raise in there.

  6. lol tom dwan throws out half my bankroll i’ve spent 6 months working up
    like it’s a joke. sad days. 😛

  7. The only thing that annoyed me in this video was that stupid Norwegian
    nobody who made a smart-ass comment about Phil’s play when he had a K-high
    flush. Stupid ass

  8. It’s ordinarily very bad etiquette to discuss a hand in progress at the
    table. Everyone got so wrapped up in ragging on Hellmuth that they went
    overboard with it.

  9. Did anyone else get annoyed with the commentator bitching about the
    excessive table talk? It annoyed me more his excessive bitching than their
    “excessive talking”.

  10. if u r playing that many hands that fast its going to happen……theres
    only 52 cards in a deck. the odds are more if u r playing online.

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