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  2. a trick that allways works is this for example: if you see that their is a
    chance that you get a good hand (like a pair that’s already on the table)
    you raise on the first three cards and than a little bit on the forth card.
    Your opponents ussualy follow this because they think you were bluffing on
    the first time and that you’re now trying not to lose to much money. If the
    fifth card goes on the table, you go all in. Your opponent will be confused
    because you suddenly change tactic and they will

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  4. all fold in order to save the money they have left. This way you get a nice
    gain from the raise you did with the first three cards. It is very
    important that you don’t use this trick to much and that you don’t show
    your cards, or else yiu will loose your advantage.

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