1. The future? I first played PKR 3 years ago and it was too few hands/hour
    and people spamming chip tricks and stuff. Who is going to sit on PKR and
    multitable as well… it’s not really the future but it does have its own

  2. i have started building my bank roll, i always start with a no deposit
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    for woman’s intuition is often nothing more than man’s transparency.

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  4. thiis would be better suited as a plastation game or something. as others
    have said its not realy in anyones interest to make actual money,
    especially if your MT’ing

  5. the regulars can piss and moan all they want about this site but it is a
    nice break from the regular sites especially if you’re on a bad run and
    need to slow down or you’re just bored of staring at a racetrack table from
    the sky

  6. Agreed however they are all the same bullshit rng terrible players and alot
    of cheating software out there too help any idiot with a computer what a
    joke sites like this give POKER a bad name and create wannabe poker
    rejects.. Cya a the casino gl too the Real poker players out there trying
    too learn.

  7. This sites great, every table every stakes is full of fishtards just
    playing cos of the graphics

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