1. the guy re-raised him on the flop nonchalantly, and fired again on the
    turn… if you have your hand exposed and you stick around after that
    you’re just terrible. though maybe it wasn’t his money he was playing with
    (or play money?). :p and yeah it was the third nuts on the river, my bad…

  2. most ridicolous is not the hand, but decision that player with face up
    cards have no passive action… if he turns over his cards, he cannot
    bet/raise anymore… just fold or call till river

  3. You don’t need to see the cards in my hand “We don’t need to see the cards
    in his hand” Crap…. didn’t work

  4. The younger guy was so amazingly stupid.. the other guy was probably
    infected with his stupid by the end of it. I mean he’s freaking calling you
    when he has his hand exposed when he’s obviously behind, why you try to
    bluff this moron off the second nuts?

  5. I’m sure the ruling for an exposed hand is that the player who exposes
    their cards cannot make any aggressive moves and can only check… that
    rule may have saved him a few here…

  6. AJ was face up during the whole hand because he showed it thinking everyone
    has folded. So he didn’t have to assume he’s got a jack, he actually saw
    the Ace-jack.

  7. You have to assume the guy’s got a jack….stickin around like that. I
    mean, COME ON! Bro….seriously, time to head home, you’re drunk.

  8. no He has to know he’s beat! Who doesn’t know they’re beat at that point?
    WHY do you go all in? WHY!?!?!?!?!?! He deserves a black eye.

  9. amazing…tides turned in an instant. But…ALFREDO, c’mon! He has his
    cards turned!

  10. first of all, its impossible to maintain ur best game under these amazing
    circumstances. secondly, i dont think the re raise bluff was that
    ridiculous, but considering the fact the hand was broadcasted on the tv,
    the AJ dude would never have the risk of becoming a joke for being bluff on
    that spot, and for that he called.

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