1. I tweeted Lori Petty the other day about The Poker House and she tweeted me
    back! This film is so amazing! It’s very deep but it is totally worth a
    watch! I’m a massive fan of Jennifer Lawrence and this was one of her best
    roles! :D

  2. This movie, and Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is SOOOOO REAL. Love this
    and Winter’s Bone. I want her to return to indie glory!!!

  3. so this is based on Lori Petty’s early life?? This is traumatizing 😮 How
    was she able to write/relive those days of misery? :(

  4. Last, but not least, male anatomy isn’t all that different from the female
    one, we are two sides of a coin in the same species. The human being also
    takes pride in its ability to understand and create, which roughly
    translates into imagine, the ability to grasp things we don’t precisely get
    because they don’t exist, or we haven’t seen/experienced them yet. And
    believe me, some of us males know the specific pain we’re talking about
    here. Rape victims aren’t exclusively female.

  5. Oh, and when I said the bathtub scene (right after the rape scene) was more
    violent, I made a clear mistake, sorry about that. From 15 to 16, big
    changes, I definitely see that now.

  6. Hey, this is vidilynch on my new account. Well, rape is usually a violent
    act (but, not necessarily), and yes, it can cause severe internal damage, I
    never said it didn’t. I was referring to the rape scene depicted in the
    movie, which, in my opinion, wasn’t exactly ‘violent’, but more like
    bordering it. Also, I would assume the blood in the tub was product of her
    hymen tear, or at least that’s what I think the director wanted to
    communicate in the subsequent scene.

  7. Perhaps you have some misconceptions about rape. Rape is, actually, a
    violent act that can cause severe internal damage. Did you not notice the
    blood? It’s hard for men to conceive of the pain involved because their
    anatomy is completely different.

  8. It was. Not beat her til she’s dead violent. But he forced himself inside
    of her as she screamed and thrashed around. That is the definition of

  9. i find it scary that the movie is actually lori’s life! the stuff that
    happens in this movie i wish upon no one! Jennifer did an amazing job as
    well as Selma! i mean Selma’s character is a hard character!! i give this
    movie an 11 out of 10 stars! i just wanted o help her and hug her after the
    rape! i felt so bad! :/ i love this movie!

  10. “smoking a pipe of bubbles and went hmm, I think I cracked this case” …
    and then I died.

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