1. Will do choc thanks for the feedback. Make sure you check out the
    pokernerve website – there is extra stuff on there. Also the Course I offer
    is perfect if you want to take things ‘next level’ ! Best of luck to you

  2. This is some of the best dialogue explaining how one thinks and how you
    should approach these that I’ve found. I love watching your videos as I’ve
    been trying to get the hang of tourney’s vs. cash games, which are probably
    more of a strength for me but I’m basically a sponge at this point anyways
    so I’ll take any and all I can get….books or vids. Please keep em’

  3. Oh right ! Using pokerstove for that one Mick. It’s actually hard to find I
    think atm? I’m not sure I heard some people say it isn’t free anymore or
    the website moved I’m not too sure but if you hunt it down it’s a useful
    tool where you just plug in a player ranges and see the equities both
    pre/post flop

  4. at 20:03 where do you get that? Nice videos btw! I cash alot in tournaments
    but struggle to build stacks like with your aggressive play

  5. “in a few hands later we get kings, and now i feel happy again :D:D” gotta
    love that quote.

  6. Bluelightning34 wow that’s a huge effort those small buy-in fields are
    always so big. Congrats on the score! Glad the vids have helped. They
    aren’t much compared to the course, but there’s still some juicy stuff I’m
    glad it’s all helping you improve your game. You’ll love the course when
    you get it 🙂 GL, get some more scores now and keep building up!

  7. Thanks to your excellent videos, I started playing poker so fearlessly
    using your strategies – and I finished 4th in the Hot 3.3 Turbo on PS today
    for $722! I know this is peanuts to a champion player like you, but it
    means the world to me as it gives me the confidence to build on this and
    survive in the world of poker. Thanks a ton acesup – I will be buying your
    coaching package soon on pokernerve! Thank you!!!

  8. Hi MrCitalo thanks for your message. Hopefully the site will be ready early
    next month. Please contact me if you are interested in personal coaching
    acesup@pokernerveDOTcom Good luck on the tables

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