1. Saw this movie as a kid, never get bored of watching this classic, it could
    never be remade either, pure timeless innocent indulgence.

  2. No actually, I wasn’t aware that he could barely speak English. That
    certainly would have been the reason he never became a huge Hollywood star!

  3. terrence hill is cool, natural, funny, athletic. A great actor. Never had
    the respect he earned. its a shame.

  4. notice when Hendricks cuts the cards…Trinity takes the cut half and
    places it right back on top & nobody sez anything…I saw both of these
    films when they were first released….loved them ever since…

  5. This actually is a masterclass in acting. Eye contact, body gestures, Slow
    movements. Doesn’t need over the top special effects or CGI to be

  6. You are aware that he could barely speak English — right? Of course, that
    didn’t stop Sylvester Stallone though.

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