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  2. Correction: “Unbealivable LIVE poker” , you see these types of hands all
    days in online poker.

  3. because he was out of position – when out of position your going to be in
    the worse place to play as your the first to act. so Yh I always fold AJ-AQ

  4. How many times in a row can I flop the nuts and lose? Not just lose, but
    lose to some bluffing idiot hwo catches an impossible runner-runner, or the
    guy who throws huge stacks at gut shots or bottmom pair, or so on. Poker is
    insane how it rewards the clueless and puneshes the patient.

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    playing with friends and to socialize with a lot of poker people.

  6. this is only unbelievable if you’ve played less than 250 hours of poker.

  7. It’s not that Cray.daniel is losing to 9’9 and 8’8 and 5’5 he can beat
    straight or small boat 5′ over x’ or a bluff.at this stage bluf is unlikely
    ,although it is Gus

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