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  2. idiot dont chek ur cards right after the river comes …. the action isnt
    even on u !!! wait for her to do smthin then look at ur cards

  3. this wasn’t really a slowroll. He seemed kind of in shock that he made the
    straight flush and was a little flamooshed by it. A slow roll would of been
    longer than 5 seconds.

  4. @scrtwpnx There was nothing left for her to call. She put in enough chips
    to have him all in at the point that he gave the little speech before
    turning over his cards. Slow roll.

  5. @marksprinkle oh, ur right. my bad. i watched the video again. i saw what u
    meant by slow rolling. yeah, he should have insta called

  6. THAT SHI JUST HAPPENED TO ME -.- flopped a straight with 78, flop was 6 9
    10.. opponent had QQ on his hand he reraises me all in, i call.. turn is 6,
    river is 6… opponent has a full house and wins the hand…. -.-

  7. yeah… i’d go with quad A’s v.s. royal… which by the way i think this
    happened in a wsop

  8. Ive had a turned kings full of aces, beaten by a riverd royal flush of
    hearts at harrahs Vegas. One card in the deck. But it DOES happen. I have
    not played a live game since.

  9. I have no idea why somebody would do that.. was he that afraid of the royal
    flush? weird weird person that zeidman…

  10. @marksprinkle he was trying to coax her into calling with his “speech.” it
    was a ruse. i do that kind of thing all the time. haven’t you heard of this
    expression: feign strength when you’re weak, feign weakness when you’re

  11. @Larky215 Sitting back and giving a speech before turning over your hand…
    all while sitting on the stone cold nuts is absolutely a slowroll. He may
    have been shocked that he luckboxed his way into the nuts, but there is no
    excuse for a speech when you have an unbeatable hand.

  12. hey slut you only you only knew what hand he had when the cards were turned
    over you fuking dumb stupid bitch

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