1. I would take Phil Ivey over Hellmuth anyday of the week. Phil Ivey doesn’t
    get rattled he always makes clean decisions. Hellmuth just flys off the
    handle and makes ridiculous plays 30% of the time.

  2. Phil Hellmuth is awful and he’ll always be … He won those bracelets
    because of lack of players, thats all

  3. What did he mean with ”deal it three times”? I’ve heard of ”run it
    twice” when you deal a second flop, turn and river, does this mean you
    deal two more flops, turns and rivers or what? 

  4. What a bullshit ”title”… Phil Ivey had good hand… He didn’t do a
    super poker playing!!!

  5. +chrispmis You are retarded. Seriously seriously retarded. I don’t
    understand why you were allowed to use a computer being this retarded. I’m
    annoyed I read that comment. Very fucking annoyed. Great poker players
    don’t care about tv, they care about money. The biggest payouts are often

    Thats like saying the best quarterback in the world plays football off tv
    with his friends. sacrificing millions of dollars

    You sir obviously have a learning disability. I award you no points, and
    may god have mercy on your soul.

  6. This is what you get.. Hellmuth is such a c*nt that no one cares he walks
    out without saying a Word!! By By *sshole!!

  7. Sincerely doubt it. Very hard to get “that” good at poker without a lot of
    reading and practicing against good players to boot. Many of these guys
    play literally hours upon hours a day, it IS their job. How your mystery
    man supports himself while playing poker NOT as a job.. good luck. It’s
    like assuming some guy can outrun Usain Bolt, just nobody has heard of him.
    It’s very unlikely due to what it takes to get to that level.

  8. I guess phil really can’t dodge bullets he got coolerd twice in this game.
    LIke matusaw says that’s why u don’t play j 5suited.

  9. The best player in the world today is sitting in front of the TV or he’s
    out fishing. Tonight he’ll go out and play some poker and clean out anyone
    who’s dumb enough to put up the money. Then he’ll go back to enjoying a
    life where he couldn’t care less about being on TV or playing in
    tournaments. He’s forgotten more about poker than Ivey and Hellmuth will
    ever know. Chances are you’ll never know of him.

  10. View on poker? wtf? the title is very misleading? make sure ur plugged
    before u try uploading anything else…

  11. can someone explain to me why ivey calls with K9s from the sb? he snap
    calls. maybe because he thinks it will be 4 ways?

  12. How does flopping good hands on a consistent basis make you a skilled
    player? Obviously Ivey is but still flopping the nutz every hand vs the 2nd
    nutz is not indicative of skill.

  13. there(s no question about it. Ivey is a million times better player than
    hellmuth. In this hand , Hellmuth just had a cold deck though

  14. he didn’t show who’s the best there. Pretty standard by both players, and
    hellmuth got unlucky. But we all know who’s the best of the Phils.. starts
    with an I and ends with y.

  15. “Well, the good news, if you checked the turn… you still would lose.” —

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