1. Nice vids! I’m far from professional, but I’m eager to learn
    The hand were you lost A9 at 19:00. Why didn’t you bet when the A hit the
    board? The opponent would probably play a stronger A more aggresive
    preflop, so your likely to have the best hand? Was it because of fear of

  2. Nice video. I need some advice on my mental state. I play 5-10 tables 16nl
    and 25nl on pokerstars. When I’m winning a few sessions in a row, I tend to
    play more passively than i would like, just to keep the win streak going.
    Any advice for staying more consistent in my play? So that I can keep
    playing the right way

  3. You just motivated me to start playing again! Been subscribed for ages now
    and started watching ur vids recently. I only played micro stakes before
    but when I quit last time I deposited 10$ and cashed out 50$! Not much, I
    know but I’m still a rookie ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. this really comes down to personal preference. You don’t want to be cashing
    out so much that it inhibits your ability to move up or withstand a
    downswing. But cashing out and enjoying the fruits of your labor is an
    important part of the game. I used to wait til i downswung to cashout
    (remind myself what im playing for)but its really all personal prefence,
    there’s no system or rules regarding this

  5. at the beginning of the video that donkey was up to 17$ and by the end he
    had 0$… typical

  6. 6:50 Why such a big raise with KK? I thought that Pre-Flop Raises should be
    consistent. You were playing pretty tight at that table overall, so did you
    really expect him to call? I mean, he either thought you were very strong
    there or that you tried to put pressure on him. Maybe he had something like
    suited/offsuit connectors and decided to raise there to make the Post-Flop
    play easier for him. What do you think?

  7. you gave many helpful tips, thanks, but next time focus on one table and
    show us some good play!

  8. I’m new to his videos but I’d imagine he’d play higher stakes whilst
    earning his living… he’s probably just playing small stakes at the
    request of his subs. I’ve been playing poker and following poker for around
    3 years now and when I turn 18 this year I’m going to be playing
    ‘professionally’ (whilst still finishing college, however) and for the
    first 4-8 weeks I’ll start with .5/1 to get the swing of things and then
    I’ll move up to 1/2 for the first 6 months and then consider moving to 3/6.

  9. The reraise i made was a fairly typical size. When someone makes it .30, im
    typically going to be making it .90 and adding a bb or too if i am out of
    position. This is why i came up with 1.10. When the opener has a strong
    hand that will play for stacks, going for a big raise size makes it easier
    to get the money all in. I also lessen the edge he gets by being in
    position by making the pot to stack ratio smaller. (the less money behind
    to play, the less advantageous position becomes)

  10. You say that you raised more to reduce positional advantage, but don’t you
    want the guy to call, right? I mean, I would take kings over someones
    opening hand any day oop. Right? I don’t think it really matters that much,
    i just thought what you said was interesting. I believe that the extra
    value of him calling by raising 3x instead of almost 4 is more valued than
    trying to acheive a small reduced positional edge. of course it doesn’t
    really matter, just fun to discuss for me

  11. My main problem is just concentration, make sloppy raises assuming someone
    will fold an ace on a wet board…just need to stick to playing TAG and
    getting paid on big hands. Very nice videos though man in all seriousness,
    some of the best on utube for learning new things.

  12. Micro stakes is where you learn, its not about making large bank rolls in
    micro stakes, its all about learning. You can really start to make more in
    the mid stakes .25/.5 and up

  13. @FattyMcElbows I agree, his videare awesome, but a new mic would definetly
    make them better

  14. thats awesome.. after watching your vid review on the bankroll challange..
    in different spots.. before you flopped the straight.. i had him ahead of
    you. but after when he raised, and you reraised and he snap called i also
    put you on a chopped pot straight.. ๐Ÿ™‚ its nice when you learn enough, it
    makes things seem easier, and less daunting, and the money factor has less
    of an effect, because in reality, i wanted too see his hand, more than win
    the pot. ๐Ÿ™‚ great video! keep up the awesome work

  15. Hey Evan, I am just getting back in to poker.. I’m playing microstakes and
    absolutely crushing them (we’re talking 25-30bb/100) my question is I want
    to move up, but I also want to start pulling a little bit of money out
    too.. how do you balance maintaining your bankroll and moving up in limits
    while still being able to enjoy a bit of your profits? do you just set a
    goal for a limit to reach and then maintain your 40 buyins or whatever it
    may be and withdraw the rest?

  16. Great Video but I had a funny thought when you mentioned drinking on the
    job… Phil Gruissem got smashed at EPT Berlin ahahahah

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