1. I never seen anyone play poker not using and shuffling a whole deck of
    cards. So the scam card would get lost in the shuffle. 

  2. K Q Q J J J 8 8 8 even if you have the king, there is still a way to win
    with it in your hand but it will be rare as hell btw when he was showing
    all the cards where is the tenth card?? since each player would have a hand
    of five cards ? and im probally going to be wrong since i dont know the
    last card so what is it cuz the way i see it right now is that if you get
    the highest three of a kind and then a 8 with it no matter if you have the
    king or not you will win thats what i see so far

  3. His hair makes me want to cut my balls off and feed them to a Mexican,
    Jesus Christ.

  4. Why the fuck would they give him another queen to make a pair ? They could
    of just taken the queen and still be winning with King high.

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  6. I dare him to try and pull that off in a casino. Because we all play
    ‘poker’ with 10 cards.

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