1. 0:46:26 guys like humberto are like dinosaurs to this game and should just
    retire and go away , How in the world can you raise 400k with pocket 55 and
    not see it through with any call ,Especially at the stage of the game where
    there is nothing to lose(where the chip count is concern) and you can’t be
    leaking chips like that.For starters he should have been all in to begin

  2. SOME of u haven’t been passed your suburban homes in Mayberry . HERE’S a
    heads up when meeting a foreign person w an accident , don’t imitate his
    accent . Its offensive , something negranueu constantly does and w black
    people and we know what that’s called

  3. in case u missed it, when humberto went all in on the last hamd he did not
    showboat, he was instant, that was a tell

  4. how the hell does humberto just call with that 10 high flush when daniel
    led out 2 streets with top top. terrible. he could got at least another
    600k. poker has evolved so much since this

  5. Right up on the top right hand side of the comment, there is a drop down
    menu with the option to report spam. Just saying.

  6. 45:45 who’ll win? a volatile costa rican – humberto a happy gambler – vinny
    the dominant chip leader – daniel someone else – jennifer…they call
    jennifer harman…”someone else”???

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