1. Could not feel it, nevertheless pokerstars genuinely simply matched up my
    primary first deposit and also gave me the $500 along with the particular
    $500 I just put into the account. I just used your *marketingcode* psp15562
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  2. that is not the answer is see:D umm there are 1352 combinations of which
    two are the your aces. so 1:676 for one person to get one of those. The
    chance for a table of 10 to not get those is 98%. so approximated your
    event will happen in (0.02)^2= 0.0004 or 1:2500

  3. Eh, commentators. Since when became folding A2 after a re-raise and a call
    a “great laydown”? I missed that event in history…

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