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  2. Snap call by this stupid fucker. 58:30 Besides his mistakes, he’s such a
    fucking dickhead to everyone around him. flamboyant, arrogant, cocky, and
    cutting with his remarks. I’m vietnamese, but I HATE him. With a passion.
    Dickheads like him deserve no respect, am I wrong? TU if you agree pls

  3. Spoilers Yeah Raul Paez didnt really ever have a shot at winning this but
    he folded his way to AT LEAST an extra 120k by letting gavin smith go out
    before him. The object of the game is to make lots of money and he probably
    maximized his value at this final table.

  4. Okay so… Is it ‘legal’ to wear something larger than sunglasses to hide
    your mannerisms? Something like a mask? This is an honest question.

  5. You’re right. Being half or even full isn’t a special qualifier, just extra
    information. But I noticed that minorities tend to stick together, and viet
    is no exception. I don’t know him personally, so I can only base it on my
    observations. The “respect” from the poker world isn’t that convincing
    either, but even if it’s true, several incidents I’ve seen are inexcusable,
    to me that is. I’m trying to be objective, such as if the footage was
    edited to make him look as bad as possible.

  6. Is it only me or anyone else think Scotty’s style is kinda like Neil
    Patrick Harris ?

  7. fuck you bau… losers… go stick ur asss with electrical engineshit
    ahahhahahaha.. who the fuck all in with pocket 10 losersssss

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