1. Somebody tell the damn announcers to shut the fuck up! Gus is trying to
    make a decision! HAHA

  2. Bellande always brings up his height and talks about how intimidating he
    is… LOL yeah Tony G was real intimidated, all I ever see are other
    players taking his lunch just like Tony did here.

  3. kurwa generalnie sram na ciebie frajerze jebany….pozdrawiam 😉 I FUCKED
    UR MOM….in da ARSE !!!! suck me off 😉 if u like to…..

  4. ok mr smart guy…..i know basics of english….and u dont know basics even
    in other language 😉 so….ZAMKNIJ DUPSKO FRAJERZE 😀 hehe cheers lad;)

  5. ok so…..LOL GUS LOOKS LIKE AN ALIEN!! ISNT IT>>>?better?sory im not an
    islander like u,im from PL.cheers

  6. Men would’ve been a favorite if Tony wasn’t holding the Q of spades and
    Phil didn’t fold two spades. That would give Men three more outs to make
    him the favorite he thought he was. Now it was a coin toss. He still
    flopped pretty good but unlucky for him that there we’re only 6 spades left
    in the deck.

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