1. dsrecs. 10K in 1973 is valued at around $100,000 today. Inflation
    calculators are and the cpi index are wrong. goto any newspaper from 1973
    and look at the value of wages, homes, goods and they are about 10 times
    less than they are today. 

  2. As a side bar when the WSOP started at the Horseshoe Benny hired Bob Hooks
    to run his card room and bring the Texas road gamblers in. He never won it
    but played in many WSOPs and made his living off hold ’em all his life. 

  3. yeah, thats one reason the playing field has gotten a lot bigger. not just
    the increased publicity, but that it’s a lot easier to scrape together 10k
    to enter, especially with satellites.

  4. “The extra large field makes it necessary to split the action into two
    divisions.” 13 person field! HUGE MTT ACTION!

  5. at 41:00 ‘ I dont think you have spades’……… ‘your right.. I dont have
    spades….full house’ hahah if only

  6. The commentator probably made a mistake on that 3+2 thing. It should be the
    first time ever a poker tournament was televised anyway so the guy perhaps
    didn’t know rules that well. It does apply for Omaha however. This video is
    fascinating stuff, thanks for uploading!

  7. @3.05 They say you pick the best 3 from the board plus your own 2. Was that
    a mistake? In modern rules you can also use 4 or all 5 from the board if
    that gives you a better hand. Also they don’t turn cards face-up for all-in
    as they do now. When did that change?

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