1. take a look at the bracelet at 46:03 they messed up the cards on it. the
    way the cards are laid out behind the “wsop” the ace is over the king, it
    should be the ace over the king still coming out of the bottom, but its
    not. i mean how can you fuck up the main event bracelet?

  2. Yes you are better off with 7 2 off-suitas this hand rarely ever gets
    cracked in the first days of WSOP! For instance how often do you see
    someone going All-In on pre flop with 7-2 off-suit and losing to pocket
    aces? Almost NEVER!, lol……..

  3. I think there are 2 weeks without episodes – the next one will appear on YT
    around 18th/19th September, I reckon

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