1. First, this guy’s name is Matt not Ben. Second: worst badbeat ever? wtf is
    this hyperbolic bs

  2. Duhamel…”10/9?!”
    Yeah because that’s how he’d play 10/9…PF Re-raise, Flats the following
    reraise and plays the rest of the hand aggressively against a drawing board.
    Duhamel Donk called to the All-In but he had outs and sucked.

    That’s Poker I guess.
    If it wasn’t for luck then Hellmuth would win every tourney anyway 😉 

  3. He was talking to himself after that one. Yep, it sucks when an idiot
    outdraws. And if the idiot wins the tournament they’ll hail him as one of
    the all time greats. What a joke.

  4. you all talk trash he could as well been playing AK instead of AA so
    you are not sure of his thought process unless you put him on K J which is
    hard when you have JJ and think your ahead a good call and if you are
    behind still have 11 outs unless he has pkt Qs even then still have 8 outs

  5. if i had $500,000 dollars for getting my aces cracked i wouldnt be such a
    liitle bitch about it.

  6. In all honesty.. it was an awful call… He surely knew he was behind??
    He got lucky.. simple

  7. People who slowplay AAs are retards IMO. Raise preflop, if you hit a set
    then maybe you can slowplay it.. but you wanna end it at the flop or turn
    the latest if the pot is nice.

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