1. 92,000 to call a 700,000 pot… I make that over 7/1 odds…or am I missing
    something here? Still a crazy fold I guess!

  2. “There’s other things at stake here, like chipping up” – Frankenberger
    after raising 70% of his entire stack and then folding. He probably
    would’ve doubled up if he put his chips in and not be such a coward.. GL
    trying to chip up now -.-

  3. i dont like going crazy preflop with AK but if i am getting 5.5-1 odds to
    call for all my chips that’s a snap call.

  4. Like many of the videos including Mike Sexton, this one should be titled
    “Mike Sexton acting like an ass… again.”

    The question is how often Timoshenko has AK in this spot. We KNOW he has
    AK because we can see it. But it could be that Timoshenko would generally
    not play AK this way, that he has a documented history of NOT semi-bluffing
    PF like this.

    If that’s the case, Frankenberger’s play is still debatable, but CERTAINLY
    not “The Worst Fold in the History of Poker.”

  5. The ending is epic LOOOL!!!;

    -… Do you acknowledge that it was a bad play? Or, are you saying that..
    +I’m not gonna talk about it anymore..


  6. God, I wish I had like a 100 k so I could stake any donkey from 25-50 cent
    tables to play Frankenberger heads up

  7. I disagree with the vid’s title – if I am not mistaken Frankenberger came
    back to win this tourny. If so, then his fold allowed him to re-build his
    remaining chips and press on instead of a possible knock out. One of the
    first lessons to learn in tournament play is when you are beat, you are
    beat. It is not a cash game. Sexton was out of line and Mizzi, the cheat
    of all cheats, was just as bad. 

  8. I really think that this video is misunderstood… Frankenburger is not a
    donk and Timoshenko didn’t pull off a sweet bluff… The repot from
    frankenburger was the worst move. A call would be better… What it really
    comes down to is ICM calculations. If you put you opponent on AA,KK or AK
    than folding QQ is actually acceptable depending on the level of the
    tourney. The weird thing is how Frankenberger gets mad at the end. He is
    usually not a show boater and looks genuinely upset… maybe because he
    knew by timoshenkos smile that he had in fact AK… Although frankenberger
    looks like a noob during the hand you have to remember he is on tv. ICM is
    a valuable strategy in a situation where a freeze out format is used. I
    believe that if this hand took place in a side game it would be a riduclous
    fold. The problem with the hand is Frankenburgers repot with the queens but
    they are both great players

  9. For some reason in pot limit games, and I don’t know why….people always
    seem to say “pot” as if that’s the only bet you can make. I don’t get it.
    He probably go it in his head subconsciously to say pot when he was betting
    in hands. It was a seriously stupid fuck up for him to fold for whatever
    the guy had left all in. Mike was right, he was supposed to call no matter
    what he had. I don’t know how much more you have to commit to be pot
    committed. The best part of the whole video was the expression on
    Tomishinkos face when Franenburger folded…he was like WTF…OK

  10. hahaha fukin clown, look what i bump into here, mister “i have so many wsop
    cashes” go have fun with some ugly fat women lol

  11. Why does some guy named Timoshenko speak better English that I do? Plus he
    could get work as a model if he ever goes bust at poker. Lucky bastard
    probably has tons of money and chicks. I have tons of chicks but only
    because they’re overweight.

  12. To solve the comments debate: Yes, this IS the worst fold ever. No, it’s
    not because he potted it. It is because he folded a 92k call when he just
    put in over 200k AND he’s holding QQ.

  13. It’s mainly the fact that he raised but folded to a shove, like he hadn’t
    thought it through at all. Sorry but this was a really stupid play.

  14. he won the tournament then who looks stupid now, he won by not racing and
    leaving it up to luck you stupid fucks

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