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  2. @KBoogs719 The gaming commision Report UPDATE: The sum $60 million, which
    appeared initially in the IGamingNews report, was incorrect. The sum should
    instead be $6.1 million, as it now stands . Russ Hamilton is named as the
    main perpetrator behind the scam, according to a report published today by
    IGamingNews, which references the commissions interim report. The full
    report is due November.

  3. Russ Hamilton WoW Mr. Cheater himself can’t believe he’s not in jail being
    he and other coherts bilked over 6mil off UB.

  4. oh my god they’re actually explaining poker at the beginning of the video?
    also, the last place person gets like 50k these days he’d get over a mil
    also, their weight in silver? literally????

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