1. Claudia’s shirt said “Stop eyeballing my stack”. why did they need to blurr
    that out?

  2. When you gotta stand up to stack your chips, that’s a lot of chips. LOL
    Norman Chad is funny about 30-40% of the time he tries to be. Above average
    in this world

  3. No it’s not. Think about it, he had AK and his opponent had AA. That’s only
    1 A left in the deck. None of the players behind him would ever call his
    shove and a call on that shove with anything less than AA which is
    impossible to have.

  4. im a non poker chick and that marafioti guy is not as good looking as
    Yevgeniy Timoshenko, no way!

  5. 43:00 I hate it when the fish is wiggle off the hook. Got AA cracked ALL
    the F* time!!!

  6. It’s not complicated. Many high stakes players use Skype and Teamviewer
    when they are doing “sweat sessions” with each other. (Many players also do
    coaching). They can literally see what it on each other’s screen. All they
    need to do is get another friend to sit at the same table and tell them
    what cards the victim has. I think Marafioti has been a victim of this scam
    in the past, but after receiving a trojan from Samer Rahman, he boasted on
    twitter about being able to see his opponent’s cards.

  7. I agree with Vladimir here, hard to fold aces, but even harder when it
    makes top set. However, it does show that Merson is a pro because he can
    throw this away among many other tough moves he’s made.

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