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    going to get the six-hundred $ extra

  2. Easy to talk about terrible play. You know what the cards are, but before
    they are shown, as a player you have to risk assuming you know what you
    play to.

  3. Yeah but he was the luckiest guy ever, the KQ vs JJ against Salaburu is
    just terrible play, And on day 5 he got in in preflop with A3 suited
    against Jejelowos KK. And thats just 2 of the very lucky hands he had. He
    call All in on day 2 with A7 against AQ and rivered a 7, so yes. He is

  4. Are you kidding. He’s my favourite player at the table, I find him
    hilarious. He’s not so boring like everyone else.

  5. because the youtube community represents the untapped wealth of ultimate
    poker knowledge. haha

  6. The (Koroknai) AK v (Ladouceur) AK all in at 35:00 is one of the most
    BRUTAL hands I have ever seen. That *really* hurts.

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