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  2. on cash games it was an easy fold after a check raise cause AQ might have
    re-raise there.

  3. Maders KQ was easy fold cause he already put Ivey on Q7 hew as hoping a
    King would hit on 4th and 5th street instead a Q and a shove by Ivey, how
    can you call that?

  4. Fabulous fold at 29:14… If Laak is a fish… I don’t know what I am…
    ;O) But one thing: Ivey knows more than most what it takes to stick around
    for a loooong time in a big tournament: He wouldn’t risk his tournament
    life with all-in-foolin’-around against amateurs. With all these players he
    might run in to any kind of donkeys, fish, maniacs, fools, whatever… So
    Mader actually COULD be very sure he was beat. But still: A great fold!

  5. lol at like 22:45 the guy knocked out is saying he can play poker with the
    best of them and make it…how is getting knocked out by NOT one of the
    best of them making it?

  6. Mader made a Beautiful fold and it gave some good results in the long rong,
    while somehow the Master Ivey got knocked out earlier than Mader. #Respect

  7. I wish someone would take that shark and shove it up Humberto’s asshole….

  8. Mark Kroon is just as much an asshole as Hellmuth. No wonder they’re friends

  9. There is very little evidence that indicates that certain races have a
    preponderance for being highly skilled at poker, I’m afraid.

  10. “Racist” is a Hate word used to attack Whites. You have sat through
    thousands of hours of Anti-White programming on TV shows, movies, songs and
    school classrooms. Yet you said nothing. Now, you suddenly cry foul when
    Whites are being defended? You moral coward. We go everywhere because our
    discussions are BANNED everywhere. We are reacting the way any free person
    reacts to Thought Policing. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  11. And what does this stupid racist rant have to do with Poker?? Read a book.
    Travel. See the world. Your world is too full of hate.

  12. Mader made a great fold — but actually Phil tipped off his hand by pushing
    all in. Had he gone half-in — he would have drawn Madder into the pot. I
    think it was a sloppy move on Phil’s part actually.

  13. Honestly, Horton played the cards 100% right. Why knock the guy because
    luck was against him. He was short stacked. He bet enough to push out most
    of the crap hands. QJ should have folded. It didn’t. Horton gets a queen on
    the flop – is short stacked. Of course, he’s gonna push all in!! That was
    the RIGHT play. The douchebag announcers want to slam this poor schmuck
    because he isn’t a “pro” (who likely had their entrance fee sponsored.)
    Screw that — good job, Horton!!

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