1. 86 off it’s what you deserved that hand cry cry phil…
    you have 50 millions your bank account cry for more
    fucking lame….

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  3. Kroon is fucking annoying as fuck acting like he so good. I may not be old
    enough to play in a tournament yet but I have the money and skills to bust
    this douche!

  4. was watching the clip about the 1/2 game he used to hold with hellmuth n
    thinking guy seems decent then I hear his table talk and think your right

  5. Phil Ivey definitely right about him betting too much when he had his boat
    in the prior hand. If he did bet less he wouldn’t have got so damaged in
    the hand.

  6. No, you are crawling out of the woodwork and you don’t play OR make money
    at cards. You are just here to troll. You have a pretend life too along
    with your one-dimensional personality. But let’s get back to the great Phil
    Ivey….LOL xxo

  7. when i sit down at any table i’m here to win. i have no personality and i
    look angry all of the time. i’m not here to please people. i am here to
    make money.

  8. Phil Ivey’s got personality AND he plays with imagination and talent. I
    love seeing the great pros that have so much personality and style along
    with their A-games. Who really knows the robot newbies who played limp
    spaghetti poker in 2011 and 2012? Geez, that was damn boring. I like how
    they spotlight the REAL players and then say..’Oh yeah, I forgot..Greg
    Mersen..but let’s get back to the GREAT PHIL IVEY! LOL

  9. Chan: : “Did you have it?” Moffatt: “To be honest Johnny, I don’t remember.
    Just kidding. Yeah, I had sevens. F*ck you — get the hell out of here.”

  10. Damn, does Phil Ivey sponsor this show or something? Maybe these guys
    should lick his balls or something? They’re so in awe of him.

  11. Not exactly what happened…Farmer gets his money in bad. Ivey is a
    favorite. Farmer catches his out on the river. Ivey laments that if he had
    bet less on the prior hand, the farmer would have called him and thus, the
    farmers stack would of been smaller and not done as much damage to Ivey’s
    own stack. It’s a little deeper than what you described, but nice try

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